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June 26, 2011
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Fic: Dick and Damian
Rated: G for fluff
Summary: Damian has a cold. Dick and Damian watch The Lion King 2 to help him fall asleep.

"We are more than we are, we are one."

Besides an occasional eco from one of the many bats, the only noise the echoed through the cave was the clicking of keys under Dick's fingertips. He yawned, his eyes starting to hurt as he stared at the computer screens around him. He leaned on his hand, sighing, he wished something not so boring would come up.

Some light footsteps, a pause, and a loud sneeze.

Dick smiled, "What's up kid?" he asked, not taking his eyes off the screen.

There was a sniffle of the nose right next to Dick, "What are you working on and how can I help?" his voice nasally.

Dick sighed, "You should be sleeping, Damian." he looked over to the boy, a smile tugging at his lips when his eyes landed on him.  The new Boy Wonder's face was flushed, his nose a deep red even in the greenish glow from the computer screens and his blue eyes were glassed over, maybe even a little watery.

He just looked so adorable at the moment

Damian's eyes didn't leave the screen as he scanned over what Dick was working on, ignoring Dick's last words.

"This is what father was working on." The boy grumbled, sniffing again, trying ever so desperately to breath better.

"Did you take the medicine I gave you?"

"Yes," Damian said quickly, "Now this."

"Yes this is what Bruce was working on. He's on patrol right now so I thought I would see what I could dig up for him."

Damian's eyes widened, "You didn't go with him? I thought the only reason you ever came home was to go out on patrol."  

Nightwing smiled, "Damian. The only reason I come home is to see everyone. To see you."

The boy looked over to his former mentor and Dick could see how sick he truly looked. "Why didn't you go with him? And why aren't you in your suit?"  

"Because I wanted to make sure you were okay, and I can plainly see you're not. So come on, up to bed." Dick got up from the chair and the boy scowled.

"No, I want to help! I'm fine."

A sneeze

"Yeah, right." Dick laughed and covered his face from the invisible germs, "You'll help us all by going to bed!" There was another scowl by the boy before Dick scooped him up.

"G-Grayson what are you doing?!" the boy squirmed but just for a moment for Dick held him tighter in his arms.  

"Were going to bed." Said Dick as he made his way up. Damian, knowing he had been defeated became limp in his arms, making the first Boy Wonder smile.

"I'm not tired." Lied Damian as they made their way to the boy's room.

"Fine then, we'll watch a movie to help you fall asleep." Dick put Damian down, letting himself walt to the bed as he grabbed the remote. The screen turned on with a flash of blue and Dick started to sift through the thousands of on demand movies. Damian sat up, leaning himself on the dashboard of the bed, waiting for Dick to pick a movie.

"Perfect." Dick smiled and clicked the play button, waiting to here a remark from Damian. Which was delayed because he was blowing his nose.

"The Lion King?" Damian growled.

"No, The Lion King 2!" Dick turned off the lights and crawled onto the bed, which was still way to big for the spoiled brat. He never had a bed this big when he was Robin.

Damian rolled his eyes as Dick arranged some pillows so he could be leaning upright when he laid down. He put his hands behind his head when he got comfortable, propping himself up even more and enjoyed the opening scenes, the room flashing from the screen, the music filling the room as well.

Damian smirked when Dick started to hum to the music. "Sissy." He mumbled and rubbed his nose.

"I still don't see how you're still up," said Dick, "That medicine is supposed to help you sleep."

Damian blinked; obvious fatigue was there and his eyes squinted, trying to stay awake and watch the movie.

"Dami, lay down." Dick said quietly, "You'll breath better."

Whether or not Dick was saying that as truth, or to make Damian lay down the boy would never know, but he would try anything at this moment. So the boy scooted down and let Dick make up a pillow arrangement to keep him propped upright as well.

His nose actually did clear up a little.

The movie went on, and Dick noticed out of the corner of his eye the times that Damian's head would fall, then spring back up again when he noticed he was falling asleep. But after awhile the medicine finally kicked in and he was out, his mouth slightly open from trying to breathe.

Dick was about to move and get out of the bed to leave when Damian shifted. The young boy inched over to Dick and curled up by his side, resting his head on Dick's arm as he wrapped it around him, pulling Damian closer.

Dick smiled and rested his cheek on Damian's hair, the raven spikes soft despite their appearance.  The boy groaned and Dick could tell he wasn't quite asleep yet, but trying to.

As the next song came up, Dick quietly sang it.

"…But you'll see every day
That we'll never turn away
When it seems all your dreams come undone

We will stand by your side
Filled with hope and filled with pride
We are more than we are
We are one,"

Damian's breathing settled out

"…Even those who are gone
Are with us as we go on
Your journey has only begun

Tears of pain, tears of joy
One thing nothing can destroy
Is our pride, deep inside
We are one"

Damian moved as close as possible into Dick

"We are one, you and I
We are like the earth and sky
One family under the sun

All the wisdom to lead
All the courage that you need
You will find when you see
We are one…"

As the song ended, Dick could feel that Damian was finally asleep. With the clicker in his hand he turned the TV off and closed his own eyes, falling asleep himself from the quiet breathing from boy he held close beside him.
Felt like writing so I wrote this.... xDDD

It's not dat great lol.

Got the Idea from here

Don't own these two ~

PLEASE comment if you fav!! ~

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